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  • Public Relations & Media Relations

  • Why PR is critical for Personal Branding

  • Content Marketing: How AI will transform the future of content 

  • The Politics of Social Media & Big Tech

  • PR For Doctors: How earned media can build your medical practice

  • Entrepreneurship: Women in Business 

  • How to Get on TV & how to get quoted in the media

  • Section 230 of The Communications Decency Act

  • How to Secure earned media coverage for your business 

  • The new pitching requirements of journalists 

  • #1 Business Growth Strategy— Building a personal brand through thought leadership/ PR

  • How to become a TV commentator — Media training tips

  • How to Make Content Marketing work for your small business to increase inbound lead generation


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“She is a sharpshooter. She holds nothing back. She speaks her mind. She is confident and courageous.”

Kingsley Grant | Host | The Kingsley Grant Show

“I consider Kris a social media guru, someone we should all listen to and watch out for”

Rhett Power | Host | Power Lunch Live

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