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  • Digital Transformation: How to Lead & Win the AI War

  • AI & Machine Learning: The Future of Social Media Moderation 

  • AI Censorship in Content Moderation: Twitter Case Study 

  • Content Marketing: How AI is transforming the future of content 

  • The Politics of Social Media & Big Tech

  • Dataset Poisoning: The Unintended Consequences of Rogue Models  

  • Domestic Censorship with Natural Language Processing

  • AI-Enabled Warfare & Emerging Threats: Risk Analysis

  • The Ruby Files: The investigation into Twitters Machine Learning, Election Integrity, & Free Speech

  • AI Cancel Culture: How to get erased from the knowledge graph 

  • AI Hypocrisy: Why do facts always seem to lean one way when it comes to AI- generated output? Why political diversity is necessary in data science

  • IP: The emerging risks of being used in training data when you never consented to begin with. 

  • NLP: The 2020 Silent Machine Learning War you never heard of. 

  • AI & Law Enforcement: How your AI prompts are being tracked. An inside look. 

  • AI Agency Automation: Evaluating the risks of automated Marketing & PR firms. The business of AI. Who benefits? 

  • AI Legislation: How Congress is scrambling to keep up with domestic AI threats 

  • AI Nationalism: The race between China & The United States regain tech leadership in Machine Learning. 

  • Experimental AI: As the AI race heats up, what are the unintended consequences and collateral damage? 



“She is a sharpshooter. She holds nothing back. She speaks her mind. She is confident and courageous.”

Kingsley Grant | Host | The Kingsley Grant Show

“I consider Kris a social media guru, someone we should all listen to and watch out for”

Rhett Power | Host | Power Lunch Live

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