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AI supremacy refers to the hypothetical future state in which an artificial intelligence system surpasses human intelligence in all intellectual tasks, leading to a significant shift in the balance of power between humans and machines. 


Are you interested in the intersection of AI in government and domestic US policy? Ruby has a deep understanding of the complex relationship between technology, politics, and society. Gain valuable insights into AI nationalism for government policy and domestic affairs in the United States.


Ruby is an AI expert with a deep understanding of natural language processing and its role in moderating online content. Gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by social media content moderation in the age of AI.

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The rising threat of IP theft in Machine Learning is real. Kris has a deep understanding of the intellectual property issues that arise from AI- and the future threat this poses for creators. 


Are you concerned about the impact of AI domestic censorship on free speech and civil liberties? Kris can provide valuable insights on the implications of social media censorship driven by machine learning and natural language processing. 


How to lead and win the AI war. Are you ready to lead and win the domestic AI war? Kris can provide valuable insights on how to navigate the rapidly-evolving AI landscape to come out on top. 

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  • Digital Transformation: How to Lead & Win the AI War

  • AI & Machine Learning: The Future of Social Media Moderation 

  • AI Censorship in Content Moderation: Twitter Case Study 

  • Content Marketing: How AI is transforming the future of content 

  • The Politics of Social Media & Big Tech

  • Dataset Poisoning: The Unintended Consequences of Rogue Models  

  • Domestic Censorship with Natural Language Processing

  • AI-Enabled Warfare & Emerging Threats: Risk Analysis

  • The Ruby Files: The investigation into Twitters Machine Learning, Election Integrity, & Free Speech

  • AI Cancel Culture: How to get erased from the knowledge graph 

  • AI Hypocrisy: Why do facts always seem to lean one way when it comes to AI- generated output? Why political diversity is necessary in data science

  • IP: The emerging risks of being used in training data when you never consented to begin with. 

  • NLP: The 2020 Silent Machine Learning War you never heard of. 

  • AI & Law Enforcement: How your AI prompts are being tracked. An inside look. 

  • AI Agency Automation: Evaluating the risks of automated Marketing & PR firms. The business of AI. Who benefits? 

  • AI Legislation: How Congress is scrambling to keep up with domestic AI threats 

  • AI Nationalism: The race between China & The United States regain tech leadership in Machine Learning. 

  • Experimental AI: As the AI race heats up, what are the unintended consequences and collateral damage? 

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Kris Ruby is an entrepreneurial leader in Americas development of emerging technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Her investigative journalism work on Twitters use of natural language processing titled #RubyFiles was recently referenced by Elon Musk as “worth a read.” 

AI / Social Media Expert Kris Ruby reveals how Twitter censored political content at scale with natural language processing keyword lists, machine learning, and AI. 

Kris Ruby’s undercover investigative journalism work caught the attention of Elon Musk. Elon Musk shared on Twitter that her thread was “worth a read.” 


After Kris gave Musk a public ultimatum on Twitter that read, “Can I release the unreacted files- yes or no?” Musk replied to Kris Ruby on Twitter and said, “If you leave out contact information and names of junior employees, then yes”


Kris Ruby | Artificial Intelligence, NLP & The Future of Social Media Content Moderation 


Kris Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, an award-winning social media agency. Kris is an expert in all things Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Media, PR and the politics of big tech. 


Kris’ investigative work is titled #RubyFiles and you can find a series of natural language processing (NLP) N-Grams (keyword lists) used in Twitters Machine learning algorithm in US political misinformation in her article.


Follow Kris on Twitter @sparklingruby and read her article that shows an inside look at how Twitter used machine learning to censor political content.


Kris has exposed a bombshell on how Twitter used artificial intelligence to moderate and flag political content as misinformation. She is a pioneer in understanding how the left uses artificial intelligence and data science to create algorithmic political bias and weaponize language.


Ruby uncovered how Twitter uses machine learning and natural language processing to tag content as political misinformation through a series of algorithmic scores. 


What are The Ruby Files?


The Ruby files are a series of reports from Kris Ruby, a social media tech analyst, which examine the Twitter dataset used for machine learning and AI. The reports by Ruby provide an in-depth look at the data and how it is used to classify content, as well as how Twitter’s machine learning algorithms detect political misinformation. Her reporting also includes a list of the words used in the machine learning algorithm at Twitter, which identified content as political misinformation and targeted further content review- either by a human or a machine. 


Questions to explore: 


·       How did Twitter use NLP and AI to moderate content? 

·       How can AI be weaponized by the left? 

·       What are the dangers of AI? 

·       How can conservatives win the AI war?

·       What role did academic researchers play in the word list creation?


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"Worth a Read"

Elon Musk | CEO | Twitter


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