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Kris Ruby | Social Media Expert | New York

Kris Ruby

TV Commentator 

Degree: BA, Boston University College of Communications

Company: CEO of Ruby Media Group 

Expert: Social Media, AI, & Tech Trends
Location: New York, NY

Contact: 914-268-8645 

TV Segments


CNBC                     Commentator           Closing Bell “How Main Street is Playing Wall Street”

CNBC                     Commentator           Closing Bell "Pro Very Bullish on Tech"

CNBC                     Commentator           Closing Bell "Real Estate Roundtable"

CBS NY                  Commentator           Social Media Trashtag Challenge 

CBS NY                  Commentator           College Reveals are Latest Social Media Trend 

CBS NY                  Commentator           Social Media Murders: Instagram Killing of Bianca Devins  

CHEDDAR             Commentator           Gillette Toxic Masculinity Ad & Brand Marketing 

CHEDDAR             Commentator           How Publications Increase Revenue in a grow or die environment

CHEDDAR             Commentator           Traditional Marketing in the Digital Age | Microsoft 

CHEDDAR             Commentator           GPT-3 & AI Tips for Small Business Owners

CHEDDAR             Commentator           Blockchain Loyalty Programs: Brands cash in 

ABC News             Commentator           Good Morning America "Binge Watching TV is the new norm"

ABC News             Commentator           Good Morning America "YouTube Video Music Awards"

ARISE 360             Commentator           Influencer Marketing: How to Become an Influencer 

FOX NEWS            Commentator           Cavuto Coast to Coast “Trump Banned from Social Media” 

FOX NEWS            Commentator           Fox & Friends “Berkeley Adopts Gender-Neutral City Codes” 

FOX News             Commentator           Willis Report "How to Effectively Complain on Twitter"

FOX News             Commentator           Gretchen Carlson “Power Panel”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox 5 NY Ernie Anastos “The Rise of Emoji Culture”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox 5 NY Elon Musk, Midterm Elections, and Misinformation on Twitter

FOX NEWS            Commentator           De-Influencing: How social media stars are encouraging responsible


FOX News             Commentator           The Ingraham Angle “Facebook Suppressing Conservative Content”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends First “Investors Take Bite Out of Cell Phone Use”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “How to Filter Summer Vacation photos”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “Online Etiquette- the new rules”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “Social Media Optical Illusions”

FOX News             Commentator           Shepard Smith "New Facebook Privacy Changes"

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends "Legally Unplugged"

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “Real World Advice for Millennials” 

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends "Social Media Resolutions"

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends "Nations Top Trending Stories"

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends "How to Spot Fake Travel Reviews"

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “Social Media & Covington”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “How Online Shopping Has Changed Christmas” 

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends "When Social Media Algorithms Misfire"   

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “Anthem Controversy Plagues the NFL”     

FOX News             Commentator           Willis Report "Secret Spy Apps"

FOX News             Commentator           Shepard Smith "Target Security Breach and Credit Card Hack"

FOX News             Commentator           Fox Four by Four Tech “Apple Black Friday & Trump”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox 5 Special Ernie Anastos “The Freelance economy”

Fox News              Commentator           Fox 5 NY Astros Apology Tour & Crisis Communications Tips

FOX News             Commentator           Waters World “Trump Russia Scandal”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox 5 NY Street Soldiers “How Social Media is Changing Relationships’

Fox News              Commentator           Fox 5 NY Instagram Brand Scams 

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “FTC Probes Facebook over privacy concerns” 

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends “Social Media Trivia: Fox News Anchors Quizzed” 

FOX News             Commentator           Cavuto “Amazon is Working on a Device to Read Emotions”

FOX News             Commentator           Fox & Friends First “Parler: The New Twitter for Conservatives” 

Fox News              Commentator           Fox & Friends First 'Elizabeth Warren Facebook Ad & Political advertising"

FOX News             Commentator           Cavuto “New Wearable Tech Bracelet Shocks Users to prevent bad habits”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           FBN AM “Nike Pulls Betsy Ross Flag Sneakers After Colin 

                                                                   Kaepernick Complained” 

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Brands & Political Activism 

FOX NEWS             Commentator          Fox & Friends “Arizona Governor Pulls Tax Incentive After Betsy Ross 

                                                                   Flag Controversy” 

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Making Money with Charles Payne “Social Media & Criminal Pathology

                                                                   During On-Air Shooting"

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Making Money with Charles Payne “Apple Hack Attack”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Making Money with Charles Payne “Facebook Bans Alex Jones”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Making Money with Charles Payne “Zuckerberg Congressional Hearing”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Making Money with Charles Payne “Biden AI Regulation”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Making Money with Charles Payne “OpenAI Sam Altman Battle”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Cavuto "What The Tech?!" Samsung + Tesla

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Cavuto “What The Tech?!” New Apple Watch

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Cavuto "College Admissions Scandal" 

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Cavuto "AOC's New Green Deal & Facebook Security Breach"

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Cavuto "Beyond Meat IPO & April Jobs Report”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Cavuto Facebook CEO to Testify Before Congress 

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Money with Melissa "Social Media Recruiting" 

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Varney & Co. "Facebook Home Announcement"

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Varney & Co. "Facebook & RIM"

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Markets Now "Manti Te'o Catfishing Scandal"

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Risk & Rewards “Tech Roundup with Kris Ruby & Peter Shankman”

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Risk & Rewards “Top Tech Stories of The Week” with Deirdre Bolton

FOX BUSINESS     Commentator           Risk & Rewards “Tech Roundup of The Week” with Deirdre Bolton

NBC News            Commentator            Rock Center with Brian Williams "#26 Acts of Kindness with Ann Curry"

TD Ameritrade    Commentator             Facebook Dating Privacy Concerns 

TD Ameritrade    Commentator             Super bowl commercial: winners and losers 

PIX 11                    Commentator            Is society over using the term shaming?

PIX 11                    Commentator            Social Media Texting Etiquette 

PIX 11                    Commentator            Twitter Removes Blue Check Verification 

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator            World Cup Sets New Records on Social Media

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator            Trump Regrets Mean Novak Tweet

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator            Pregnant Teen Fatally Shoots Boyfriend for Instagram Fame

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator            Beyonce’s Pregnancy Tweet- Rise of Influencer Marketing

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator.           YouTube Cracking down on viral pranks

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator            How Much Do YouTube Stars Earn: Inside Look at Demonetization   

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator            Google’s Top Trending Stories of the year 

INSIDE EDITION   Commentator            Twitter Employees Quit After Elon Musk Issues Ultimatum

Tamron Hall          Commentator           Facebook tests hiding like counts 

NEWSMAX            Commentator            Bloomberg Campaign Meme Social Media Strategy

NEWSMAX            Commentator            Political Response to Coronavirus 

NEWSMAX            Commentator            Nancy Pelosi Branding Strategy 

AMERICA Trends  Commentator           Should CEOs share their opinion on social media?

RT AMERICA         Commentator            New Concierge Service for Heartbreak 

RT AMERICA         Commentator            Marketing to Millennials 

RT AMERICA         Commentator            Uber Software Patent 

RT AMERICA         Commentator            Is Social Media Destroying Your Marriage?

RT AMERICA         Commentator            Politics in Detail/ Google Settles with NLRB 

RT AMERICA         Commentator            DNA Dating: The next trend in direct to consumer genetic testing

RT AMERICA         Commentator            Social Media Censorship & Cancel Culture rebranding 

RT AMERICA         Commentator            Presidential Debate Preview: Communication Strategies 

RT AMERICA         Commentator            Clubhouse: How long before the new free speech app is canceled?

I24 NEWS              Commentator            Security Concerns of Viral Photo-Aging Tool Faceapp 

YAHOO                  Commentator            Boeing PR Crisis 

WJLA                      Commentator            Good Morning Washington “Is live-streaming gruesome acts the most     

                                                                    dangerous social media trend?”

WJLA                      Commentator            GOP Lawmakers call for hearing on cancel culture 

RTL Exclusiv          Commentator           Celebrity Social Media Marketing Trends 

RTL Exclusiv          Commentator           Depp trial: the intricacies of crisis management in high- profile cases 

CENTRAL AVE TV  Commentator           Triller: The next big social media platform? 

Daily Mail TV        Commentator            Celebrities send personalized messages on new social media app Cameo

Daily Mail TV        Commentator            Political Pundits of TikTok 

Indus News          Commentator            Social Media Protests & Brand Activism 

Indus News          Commentator            Social Media Censorship & Pending US Tiktok Ban

NewsNation         Commentator            Social Media & Teen Health: Viewer Questions Answered Live

Fox 5 DC               Commentator            Cancel Culture: is there a double standard for conservatives? 

OAN                      Commentator             Netflix Cuties Controversy 

OAN                      Commentator             Future of social media and tech censorship 

OAN                      Commentator             Analyzing Big Tech's Crackdown on speech 

OAN                      Commentator             Clubhouse: Privacy Concerns 

OAN                      Commentator             Can You Spot These Fake A.I. Images?

TRT                        Commentator            Taliban's Social Media Strategy on Twitter 

TRT                        Commentator            Trump's Launch of Truth Social 

BNC                       Commentator            Social Media Extortion 

BNC                       Commentator            Facebook Files, X Check & the Conservative double standard 

NEWS 12              Commentator            Social platforms lock down Trump accounts “Chaos at The White House” 

NEWS 12              Commentator            Social Media Bullying on the rise 

NEWS 12              Commentator            Social Media Censorship Israel vs. Palestine Special Report 

NEWS 12              Commentator            Power and Politics Special Report: TikTok ban 

TBN                       Commentator            Elon Musk Twitter Hostile Takeover 

SKY NEWS            Commentator            Twitter teams 'completely decimated'

NO SPIN NEWS   Commentator             Bill O Reilly "Why Conservative Media is on the decline"

LNL DC                 Commentator            Meta Launches Threads: New Social Media app 

FOX NATION        Commentator            Convicting a Killer: Examining Social Media Evidence in the Idaho Murder Trial

FOX NEWS           Commentator            Combatting Antisemitism on TikTok & X

FOX NEWS           Commentator            NYTimes Suing OpenAI over Copyright 

FOX NEWS           Commentator            Google Gemini AI Bias Backlash 

MERCY COLLEGE                                                  

2013 Business Leader of The Year Award

914INC. WUNDERKINS                                      

Kris Ruby Chosen as Top “Mover and Shaker”


"40 under 40" Youngest ever to be chosen for award


Winner of 34 Awards for Digital PR Campaigns 2013

RUBY MEDIA GROUP                                        

Chosen as “Top 100 Social Media Firms in New York City who Know PR”

KRIS RUBY OF RUBY MEDIA GROUP                                Included in “Field Guide to the Female Founders, Influencers and Deal Makers of the N.Y. Tech and Media Scene.”


Publicist of the week award 


Talent to watch 


Faces of Entrepreneurship 

Notable Interviews

WESTCHESTER MAGAZINE                                  

Kris Ruby Interviewed Former President Bill Clinton

WESTCHESTER MAGAZINE                                     

Kris Ruby Interviewed Ahmad Rashad


Kris Ruby Interviewed Ivanka Trump


Kris Ruby interviewed Congressman Matt Gaetz,

Congressman Jim Banks, Josh Mandel, George Santos, 

Omar Qudrat, Makan Delrahim, Benjamin Carson Jr 

Speaking Topics

Social Media · What's Trending

Machine Learning · Automated Content Moderation 

AI Censorship & Domestic Surveillance

Natural Language Processing

Crisis Communications · Tech Trends

Millenial Trends · Public Relations

Social Media & Dating · App Usage

The Politics of Social Media 

Brand Activism . Cancel Culture 

Big Tech Social Media Censorship 

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing



CBS JOE CONNELLY      “How Not-for-Profit Groups Can Leverage the Power of Facebook”

CBS JOE CONNELLY      “Getting Useful Business Information from Facebook”

CBS JOE CONNELLY      “Sometimes, All This Technology is just Too Much”

Dr. DREW HLN               “Deplorable Post Election Social Media”

Dr. DREW HLN               “Presidential Debate Winner on Social Media”

Dr. DREW KABC             "New Study Shows Cutting Social Media Usage Reduces Depression"

KABC                               "Instagram's Wannabe Stars Are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy"

KOGO                              “Net Neutrality Day- The Future of The Internet”

WVOX                              “The future of social media: How social media is impacting politics business”

HOT 97                            "Is Social Media Ruining Relationships?"

                                          Musk Targets Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) on Twitter


TIME MAGAZINE                                  "How I Started a Social Media Site"

WALL STREET JOURNAL                      "Creating a Brand for a new Business"

FORBES                                                 "8 Tips to Avoid Turning into a Facebook Creep"

ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE              "Back from the Brink; Surviving Startup Stress"

ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE              “What a Dating Experiment Taught This Entrepreneur”

CNN MONEY                                        "Today's Daily Deal: Who Cares? 

CRAINS BUSINESS                               "Owners Tweet for Social Media Savvy Talent"

SOCIAL LIFE MAGAZINE                     "PR Powerhouse Making Waves in the Hamptons"

WOMEN OF POWER MAGAZINE       "Cover Story “April Woman Power of the Month”

LIFE & STYLE WEEKLY                         "Who to Follow: Instagram Edition”

IN TOUCH WEEKLY                             "Stars Cash In: Influencer Marketing”

SAN DIEGO LAWYER                           “For Attorneys, Social Networking presents an ethical obstacle path”

NEW YORK POST                                 “Appearing happy on Facebook won’t help your break-up”

NEW YORK POST                                 "Wooed by ChatGPT: New AI Romeos are scary"

NASDAQ                                               "Faces of Entrepreneurship: Kristen Ruby"

HARVARD BUSINESS                           "How Generative AI is Changing Creative Work"

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER                   "Celebrities Can't Stop Quitting Instagram"

FOX BUSINESS                                      "Google Gemini using ‘invisible’ commands to define ‘toxicity’"

FOX BUSINESS                                      "Google Gemini is 'the tip of the iceberg': AI bias can have 'devastating impact' on


NEW YORK TIMES                                "How Trump’s Allies Are Winning the War Over Disinformation"

Speaking Engagements

COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL ALUMNI             Social Media Interactive Workshop for Executives

WESTCHESTER COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL     Social Media Debate – Leading panelist

MICROSOFT CONFERENCE, SEATTLE                    Brand Authenticity 

MICROSOFT HQ, NYC                                              Entrepreneurship Week: Personal Branding on Digital

85 BROADS                                                               Corporate Branding Workshop for Executives   

MERCY COLLEGE                                                      Keynote Speaker "Miss Independent" Conference

WEDC                                                                         Keynote Speaker for Economic Development Forum in New York State

STATE SENATOR SUZI OPPENHEIMER                   Keynote speaker “Making social media work for your small business”

WESTCHESTER BUSINESS JOURNAL                      Keynote Speaker for Millennial Awards 

HEINEKEN USA/WAG                                               Real World Successes with social media

BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON                               How to Use Social Media in Business

NORTHERN WESTCHESTER BAR ASSOCIATION   Branding your law firm on social media

AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, SAN DIEGO         Establishing your brand in the legal sector on social media

CLEVELAND METROPOLITAN BAR                         Depp Vs. Heard: The Social Media Trial (CLE)

NEW YORK WOMEN IN COMMUNICATIONS        Branding your Way to Career Success

BOSTON UNIVERSITY PRSSA CONFERENCE         PR Advanced: Unleash our Generation

BOSTON UNIVERSITY ALUMNI                               How to Leverage Social Media to Develop a Personal Brand & Increase Exposure

BOSTON UNIVERSITY ALUMNI                               140 Characters or Less: Social Media and the Changing Political Landscape

FINANCIAL PLANNING ASSOCIATION                   How to Leverage Social Media in the Financial Sector 

WESTCHESTER COUNTY GOVERNMENT              Panelist: #WOW Conversations Inaugural International Women's Day Breakfast   

914 INC. MAGAZINE                                                 Keynote Speaker: Economic Recovery & Digital Transformation in a post-pandemic world 

WESTFAIR                                                                  Keynote Speaker: Millennial Awards

NASDAQ                                                                    The Future of AI in PR & Marketing 

MOUNT SINAI ISMMS                                              Generative AI & Medicine: The Future of Healthcare 

Published Articles

FORBES WOMAN            “Ivanka Trump and the Art of Being Underestimated"

FORBES WOMAN            “Are you creating an authentic digital experience?

FORBES WOMAN            “Boost your brand with strategic alliances"

FORBES WOMAN            “Top 20 Branded Women on Twitter"

FORBES                             “6 Steps to Get Booked on National Television”

OBSERVER                        “PR Don’ts: 10 Ways to Annoy a Journalist’

OBSERVER                        “The Edible Selfie Experience”

OBSERVER                        “How to Pick The Absolute Best Social Platform for your brands story”

OBSERVER                        “PR Don’ts: 10 Ways to Annoy a Journalist”

OBSERVER                        “21 Things to Know Before Dating a Girl in PR”

OBSERVER                        “15 Tactics to Tackle Twitter and Boost Engagement”

OBSERVER                        “How to Send a Pitch That Will Resonate with Editors”

OBSERVER                        “5 Accessories to Celebrate National Selfie Day”

OBSERVER                        “PR Tips: How to Stay Relevant to the Media”

OBSERVER                        “The #GirlBoss on Instagram Vs. Real Female Entrepreneurs”

OBSERVER                        “PR Tips: 10 Ways to Leverage Instagram Albums”

OBSERVER                        “PR Tips: How to Score Local Publicity”

OBSERVER                        “10 Workplace Etiquette Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media”

OBSERVER                        “Inbound Marketing: The next frontier in Digital PR”

OBSERVER                        “PR Tips: Get Your Business Featured in Print”

OBSERVER                        “Content Marketing is Critical in the Age of Visual Marketing”

OBSERVER                        “Top 10 Signs You Shouldn’t Hire a Publicist”

OBSERVER                        “How to Avoid Deplorable Post-Election Social Media Behavior”

JMAG                                 "How Social Media is Changing the World of Online Dating"

ADWEEK                            "How to survive a brand quarantine" 

LOHUD                              "Why cutting journalism funding causes the fake news epidemic"

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